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Underwear Caoku Powerup

Sell Underwear Caoku Powerup

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Specification of Underwear Caoku Powerup

Caoku powerup Underwear, containing materials: 

Far infrared (FIR): Helps relieve inflammation and hyperplasia 
Negative ions: Improving blood circulation 
Bio magnets: Optimizing prostate function 
Nano silver: Effectively kill bacteria 
Bamboo charcoal: a porous fabric that can breathe and absorb moisture 

Caoku Power Up, is excellent for: 

Maintaining prostate health 
Maintain and optimize kidney function 
Vital area to increase blood flow 
Increase the vitality of man 
Help overcome the problem of sexual disorders 
Improving the quality and quantity of sperm 
kill bacteria 

16 Point Magnets 

  '16 magnetic grains' which are 10 in the front and 6 rear, emitting a magnetic bio Gaus 3000 on the golden triangle works improving blood circulation in the area of ​​the "Golden Triangle" of men. 

Design patented in the United States using 3-dimensional pieces that follow ergonomic body, can maintain the ideal temperature (37 degrees Celsius) for a vital area of ​​growth optimal sperm. 


can absorb and evaporate residual urine, 
prevent bacteria breeding, 
dirt does not easily stick. 
Size adjusted to the size panties (GT Man + 1 size) or boxer commonly used. 

Available sizes: M (30-32), L (33-35), XL (36-38), XXL (39-41) and XXXL (41 ++)