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Small Air Mattress Pad Cool Body
Small Air Mattress Pad Cool Body

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Specification of Small Air Mattress Pad Cool Body

Ever feel hot while sitting back old telalu or couldn't sleep because the room temperature is too steamy even if the fan is turned on? Now Cool Pad. Body cooling solution without using harmful chemicals or electricity. Cool Pad works by absorbing body heat and transformed it into the cold air. The shape is like a small carpet so easy to tuck in the Chair and floor. For this unique cooler Socialites don't have to pay expensive.


• Cool mattress Pad is a small function to absorb body heat and keeps the body cool
• Shape is thin so it could be used in a Chair or bedding
• Can be laid on the bed, chairs, cars, etc.
• Absorb heat, soothing, and to lower the temperature of the body