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Care Joint Dr. Qyu Photon
Care Joint Dr. Qyu Photon

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Specification of Care Joint Dr. Qyu Photon

DR. Photon Qyu Joint Care is a joint pengebotan technology to emit Infrared rays and Magnetic Bio excellent for melancarakan peredarang blood and warm the joints. 
DR. Photon Qyu Joint Care Primary Therapy has 5 functions are: 
  - Far Infra Red 
  - Heat Proton 
  - Acupuncture 
  - Bio Magnet 
  - Vibration 
Advantages & Benefits of using Dr. Photon Qyu Joint Care
  - Emit Far Infrared 700-50000 nm 
  - Having the temperature setting 45-65 degrees Celsius which can be tailored to the needs therapy 
  - Heating therapy that penetrates the muscle tissue and joints warm 
  - Eliminates muscle pain, joint pain, bone pain, stiffness, swelling, numbness, and stiff joints 
  - Blood circulation, activate cells of the body, 
  - Eliminate fatigue, increase vitality 
  - Increase endurance 
  - Safe and practical to use, easy to carry anywhere