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Liters 7 Cook Izzy

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Specification of Liters 7 Cook Izzy

Izzy Cook is a modern pan practical and efficient, using the concept of cooking "15 minutes", the product is more efficient Izzy Cook cooking gas. Izzy Firotherm cook also uses technology that can store heat, so we can cook without using fire. Cooking results also hold up to 10 hours, is easier to use. Cooking with Izzy Cook flavor, texture, color and nutrients remain intact, although ripe with 5 different menus. 8 and can replace the function of cookware. 

- Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Pot Outer Cover 
- Glass Inner Pot Cover 
- Stainless Steel Cups with Steaming Rack 
- Stainless Steel Inner Pot with Thermal Infra Red Ring 
- Dobule Outer Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Pot 

Benefits and Advantages: 
- Only 15 minutes to cook on the fire 
- Save Gas 80% 
- Taste, texture, color and nutrients awake 
- Continue cooking without fire 30-120 minutes 
- Food heater up to 8 hours 
- Practical without stirring, the most 
- Cooking at the same 5-course meal 
- Can be used any and safe 
- Durable and easy-care