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Oster Blender BLSTIM-800
Oster Blender BLSTIM-800
Oster Blender BLSTIM-800

Sell Oster Blender BLSTIM-800

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Specification of Oster Blender BLSTIM-800

Get healthy drinks anywhere when you buy Oster Personal Blender. Oster Personal Blender features a sleek design, modern industrial design, stylish sports travel bottles and lids are ergonomic.

With a strong engine 250-Watt-saving bedaya can change ice and frozen fruit into your favorite smoothies, shakes and health drinks. Oster Personal Blender is quick and convenient to use, stainless steel blades blend function is blend saves you valuable time in the morning, harI or any time of the day. If is being used, you can replace the blade with a lid to drink, so you don't need to drink with a knife still in the bottle. Just fill the bottle Oster Personal Blender you with your favorite fruits, blender and you're ready to sample your favorite smoothie. If you want your health without any hassle, invest only with Personal Blender Oster.



Oster Blender Personal Features:

-Blend directly into bot