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Electric Combs Wavy-Repit Brush Iron
Electric Combs Wavy-Repit Brush Iron
Electric Combs Wavy-Repit Brush Iron

Sell Electric Combs Wavy-Repit Brush Iron

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Specification of Electric Combs Wavy-Repit Brush Iron

Repit Brush Iron is the electric Comb makes it easy for You to do hairdressing, besides useful for smoothing the hair, this tool is also useful as a hair dryer, hair straightener or you can also be perming your hair with this appliance. There is a ceramic clamp that is contained in this appliance so that you need not fear your hair will dry and damaged. Very easy to use and secure. With this tool you don't need to a beauty salon for mempercantique your hair. This tool will make your hair sleek and beautiful every day.



  • This tool has a smooth ceramic bottom layer, it can heat up more quickly and the heat is distributed evenly so that your hair will get the same heat.
  • This hair straightener will straighten your hair by delivering maximum results and you will become more confident with beautiful hair.
  • On this tool there are 4 levels of temperature, so you can adjust the temperature that is suitable for your hair.
  • The cable is connected you can adjust according the range that you want so you do not need to use this multipurpose tool hassles as a regulator of your hair.

The function and usability:

In one of these tools there are 4 function that will beautify your hair without damaging the health of your hair.