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Round Large Thermal Revlon Comb RV2972AA

Sell Round Large Thermal Revlon Comb RV2972AA

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Specification of Round Large Thermal Revlon Comb RV2972AA

Round Large Thermal Revlon comb RV2972AA comes with a design that is modern and easy to use. The brush serves to create a beautiful shape and volume to your hair as you blow dryer to use Central dry hair.

Ceramic technology this makes brush comb on to absorb and store heat easily.
In addition to nourish each strand of your hair, you can also use this to form comb your hair according to your taste. 

Hair brush bristle brush is equipped with a soft nylon material so that it can accelerate the process of your daily styling at home with maximum results as a result of expensive salon with hairsylist professional.

With the handle of a comb that is coated with rubber grip and allows you to control the comb with optimal. The comb is very suitable for long hair.


  • Ceramic technology p
There was this brush makes absorbing and storing hot comb with ease.
  • Blow dryer to dry the hair.
  • Nylon Brush: brush nylon Bristles are gentle to the scalp

    Function & Benefits:

    • Speed up the drying of hair
    • Create volume and form a beautiful hair
    • Nourish each strand of hair
    • Shaping your hair according to your taste
    • Mem